User acquisition and community building from the horse's (developer's) mouth
In this intimate fireside panel, hear how indies began small with user acquisition and developing their own community, what they learned and how it contributes to their success.
Speakers: Sarah Thomson, Global Partner Lead, Indie Games, Google Play, Michael Gordon, Founder and CEO, Iron Horse Games, Sam Coster, Founder, Butterscotch Shenanigans

Revenue diversification is a must, here is why
As the mobile gaming market matures, innovation in monetization strategies has shifted from IAP, to the emergence of rewarded ads, to in-game subscriptions. Hear how top games developers challenged conventional mobile game design norms, and found success through revenue diversification strategies. This talk will also give an overview of the necessary tools Google Play offers to help you succeed in whichever business models you choose.
Speakers: Moonlit Beshimov, Partner Development Manager, Google Play, Serena Shih, Partner Development Manager, Google Play

Growing your app business with ads
Developers of all sizes need valuable and easy-to-use solutions to grow their businesses. That’s why we’ve invested in providing tools that empower you to gain a loyal fanbase and build sustainable revenue streams. This session will cover how Google’s latest growth and monetization innovations make it easier for you to find and keep high-value players.
Speaker: Duke Dukellis, Director of Product Management, Mobile Apps, Google

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