Bug hunting on Android
Fixing bugs happening in production can be an overwhelming experience. Come learn how to use the data provided by Android Vitals and Firebase Crashlytics to spot bugs in production, understand which ones are critical, and pinpoint which code is causing it.
Speaker: Damien Mabin, Developer Advocate, Google

Optimizing games for Android
Learn about Android tools and technical tips to optimize your game's CPU, GPU, power, and memory usage for the best possible player experience.
Speaker: Bill Bilodeau, Developer Advocate, Google

Be wary of rogue permissions
You're responsible for any SDK's and libraries your game uses! Make sure that code you didn't write doesn't violate Google Play's terms of service, prevent your game from moving to 64-bit, or hurt your Android Vitals. We'll cover tips and strategies for diagnosing library problems.
Speaker: Dan Galpin, Developer Advocate, Google

Extending games beyond mobile: tablets, desktop, foldables
Android games are now being played on more than just mobile devices. This talk will cover considerations on expanding your audience, growing engagement and improving user experience by optimizing for large screen devices, like Chromebooks and foldables.
_Speaker: Ben Gable, Developer Advocate, Google _

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