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We’ve heard questions from developers about implementing loyalty programs and, as a response, we’ve provided specific guidance for gamified loyalty programs in our recently announced Play Store policy update. Based on inputs we’ve received from our partners and developers around the world, we have updated our guidance on implementing policy compliant transaction-based gamified loyalty programs that reward users with real-world prizes or a monetary equivalent.

Our policies now provide direct baseline requirements for a policy compliant gamified loyalty program implementation in an app. So, whether a developer wishes to use a spin-the-wheel experience, a guessing game in their app, or a straight 1:1 earning and redemption program to drive loyalty, the policy provides guidance on how best to comply with the policy. Click here for more details.

To help deepen the community's understanding of the policy, we have collated answers to the most common questions we hear from our developers

My loyalty program is completely free and is not tied to any monetary transaction. Do these requirements apply to my app?

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What is a Gamified Loyalty Program?

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What are the requirements of the Gamified Loyalty Program Policy on Google Play?

Find more details about Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy here. Learn more about Game apps here. Click here for more details on the Gamified Loyalty Program Policy.

Application of the Gamified Loyalty Program Policy on Google Play

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