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Every month, billions of users from over 190 countries visit the Google Play Store to browse and discover new apps and games. Android users expect high-quality apps and games, and app quality directly influences the long-term success of your app in terms of installs, user rating, and reviews. The Quality section of the new Google Play Console has been updated to provide you more insights to better understand user feedback, monitor technical performance, and deliver the best app experience for users.

What’s new?

  • Game performance insights across the Android ecosystem powered by Android performance tuner
  • Native crash symbolication
  • ‘User feedback’ section has been rebranded as ‘Ratings and reviews’

Android Vitals

Android vitals is all about your app’s quality, as measured by its performance and stability. By addressing these issues you can positively impact user satisfaction, resulting in more people leaving positive reviews and keeping your app installed. When there is enough aggregated data, Android vitals can provide information about technical aspects of your app’s performance.

Game performance insights on Android Vitals

Measure your frame rate performance and graphical fidelity at scale and actress the Android ecosystem with a new suite of metrics and insights. Powered by Android performance tuner, a new plug-in for game developers, these insights are now available on the Android Vitals page. View issues subcategorized by likely cause, top issues to act on within each category of issue, device metrics to inform optimization strategy, device model information, and more.

Native crash symbolication

Android vitals now offers native crash symbolication. Upload a symbolication file or, include it as part of your Android App Bundle, and all future crashes and ANRs reported in Vitals or the pre-launch report willl be symbolicated.

Ratings and reviews

Play Store visitors consider your app’s ratings and reviews when they’re deciding whether to install it. Reviews also provide a way to engage with your audience and gather useful feedback about your app.

What’s new? The ‘User feedback’ section has been rebranded as ‘Ratings and reviews’ and continues to provide critical tools for assessing your app’s reception by users, performance relative to peers and key user sentiment topics.