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  • Introduction to app security best practices

    If you're part of a team, you have the ability to advocate for better security practices in your organization, and find ways to ensure that your team’s vision for your product can be met without sacrificing the users’ right to...

    • Basics of in-game economy design

      As players engage with a mobile game with an economy, they gain and consume assets such as currency through paid and unpaid means. This course teaches you how to map and balance this experience by linking engagement to monetization opportunities...

      • Duration 4m
      • Rating 5.0
      • Beginner
    • Minimize your use of location data to protect user privacy

      We want Google Play to be a platform where your apps can offer highly-personalized experiences to users to make their lives simpler. At the same time, privacy is important. Users want more transparency and control in terms of how their...

      • Duration 6m
      • Rating 4.8
      • Intermediate
    • Understand Play Console permissions

      On the Play Console, you can have multiple users with different roles work together on your company’s apps and games. As an account owner, you can add other users and manage their permissions. You have complete andW flexible control over...

      • Duration 5m
      • Rating 4.7
      • Beginner