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Academy for App Success


Building successful monetization and growth strategies

Google at GDC 2019


Live Events
  • An introduction to LiveOps

    By combining in-game content, events, and sales, you can build a long-term engagement and monetization strategy that leads to a healthy and sustainable lifetime value.

    • Duration 9m
    • 5.0
  • Earn revenue with a flexible monetization strategy

    There are multiple monetization options available on Google Play. Learn about the options available to you and how you can combine them to create a strategy that maximizes your app’s revenue.

    • Duration 6m
    • 4.6
    • Beginner
  • Subscription model for games

    Subscriptions offer a great business model that provides mutual benefits to both you and your subscribers. In this course, we’ll look at examples of how a subscription model can be applied to games and the best practices to determine what’s...

    • Duration 5m
    • 4.7
    • Intermediate
  • Monetize your app

    Using the Play Console, you can configure your monetization strategy to earn revenue on Google Play. Manage global pricing models, configure in-app products and subscriptions, administer refunds, create and configure sales, and view financial reports. You will learn the basics...

    • 5.0