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  • Deliver functionality on demand with dynamic features

    With dynamic feature modules, you can reduce your app’s initial installation size and load functionality incrementally when it’s needed. Dynamic features are installed on demand after the initial installation to provide additional functionality...

    • Dauer 8m
    • Bewertung 4.8
    • Mittleres Niveau
  • Increase discovery with Google Play Instant

    Google Play Instant provides rich, native experiences at the tap of a button or web link. People can experience your app without upfront installation, which opens up a higher level and quality of engagement. By creating an instant app or...

    • Dauer 8m
    • Bewertung 4.6
    • Mittleres Niveau
  • Introduction to app accessibility

    Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, and environments that work for everyone. Designing for accessibility is about designing for users with a wide range of abilities so that everyone can navigate, understand, and use your ...

    • Dauer 5m
    • Bewertung 4.8
    • Anfänger
  • Make the most of the Android App Bundle and dynamic delivery

    With Android App Bundles, you can significantly reduce the size of your apps while simplifying your release process. By using an Android App Bundle, you manage a single artifact that includes all of your app's compiled code, resources, and native...

    • Lernpfad
    • Bewertung 5.0
    • Prämie
  • Reduce your app size with Android App Bundles

    With Android App Bundles, you can enhance your app’s user experience using a smaller app size. Android App Bundles are a more efficient way to build and release your app. Importantly, the app bundle feature is engineered to deliver greater...

    • Dauer 9m
    • Bewertung 4.8
    • Mittleres Niveau
  • Understanding App Signing by Google Play

    Each app release is digitally signed with the same secret cryptographic key. When an Android device receives an app update, before updating it, the platform checks if the digital signature matches the version of the app that’s currently on the...

    • Dauer 8m
    • Bewertung 4.8
    • Mittleres Niveau