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We’ve updated the new team-member management area with better, more granular controls. There’s clearer differentiation between global and app-level permissions, and we’ve added full user search and bulk-edit capabilities to make managing your teams easier.

What’s new?

  • More granular permission control with detailed definitions

  • Updated team management functionality, including search, filter, and bulk edit capabilities

  • Clear differentiation between account and app-level permissions

New permissions and definitions

There are now additional permissions that allow users to take actions that won’t make changes to the app in the Play Store. You’ll also see more detailed definitions that map to specific features or actions in the Play Console. Written in collaboration with developers, new permission names and descriptions are clearer, so you can understand what you are — and aren’t — allowing invited users to do.


  • Classic Play Console definition of Reply to reviewsPermits users to respond to reviews and flag abusive reviews.

  • Redesigned Play Console definition of Reply to reviews:Reply to reviews on Google Play, report inappropriate reviews, and change the contact information used in suggested replies. Users without this permission can still view ratings and reviews, but can’t reply to them.

Team management

To make managing your team easier, especially as you scale and grow your app or game business, we’ve updated the Users and Permissions page to support search, filter, and bulk edit capabilities.

  • Filter users by Apps, Status, Account permissions or App permissions

  • Search users by name or email address

  • Bulk update expiry dates for access with Manage users

  • Bulk remove users with Manage users

  • Quickly view status and expiration dates

Manage users from Developer account > Users & permissions

Clear distinction between account and app-level permissions

  • Account permissions grant permissions for all apps in the developer account, including new and future apps added after permissions are given. Some account permissions give additional access.

  • App permissions grant permissions for 1 or more apps.

These permissions have been separated into tabs to make it easier to quickly differentiate.