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Program overview

We understand that you, as indie game developers, are constantly searching for ways to improve your games and give them a level up. The Indie Games Accelerator Fundamentals is a program specially curated for you. This e-learning course has modules developed from the Indie Games Accelerator curriculum to give you and your game the extra boost that it needs.


Developers that successfully complete the Indie Games Accelerator Fundamentals program will receive:

  • Opportunity to get personalised advice from the past Indie Games Accelerator mentors

  • Exclusive Indie Games Accelerator Fundamentals e-badges shareable on social media

  • Opportunity to join a community of game developers with regular events supported by industry experts

Program journey

This is a 6 week program where you journey through the specially curated courses and online study groups after completing at least 2 modules from each course.

Mentors & speakers

Meet the mentors and speakers for the program below:

Start Course

Learn about pre-launch testing and best practices to improve your games.  On completing at least two modules, you get an exclusive invite to organised study group sessions to discuss in details each courses’ curriculum and where you can ask questions and get answers from past Indie Games Accelerator mentors.