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  • Review your app's data per release

    The Release dashboard provides you with a performance overview of your app’s latest production release. Review the performance of your app's most recent release, and compare the important metrics against previous releases.

    • Duration 10m
    • Rating 4.6
    • Intermediate
  • Evaluate your revenue

    Using the Play Console, you can review your app’s financial data to see how your sales, in-app products, and subscriptions perform over time. Revenue data is based on estimated sales (amounts paid by buyers, including tax.)

    • Duration 9m
    • Rating 4.7
    • Beginner
  • Overview of device categories and user programs on Google Play

    Android is designed to run on many different types of devices, from phones to tablets and televisions. The range of devices provides a huge potential audience for your app. In order for your app to be successful on all these...

    • Duration 9m
    • Rating 4.9
    • Beginner
  • Engage with user feedback to improve your app

    With the Play Console, you can see an overview of your app’s ratings, individual user reviews, and clustered data about your app’s reviews.Users can rate your app on Google Play with a star rating and review. Users can only rate...

    • Duration 6m
    • Rating 4.7
    • Beginner