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This all-new Console section aims to make it easier to release policy-compliant apps and games. We know this can be a source of worry, so we designed these new sections to help guide you through the process, and they will continue to grow over time.

What’s new?

  • Your app’s policy status shows any active enforcement against your app, such as rejection, removal, or suspension from Google Play.

  • If your app has been suspended and you feel there has been an error, you can initiate an appeal directly from the policy status message.

  • Centralizing the information that developers need to provide for assessment of policy compliance in the App Content page.

Policy status

Whether you're publishing an app for the first time or making an update, your app’s policy status helps you understand its compliance with Google Play policies. Your app’s policy status lets you know if, following a review, your app was found to have any compliance issues with Google Play Program Policies or the Developer Distribution Agreement.

What’s new? Your app’s policy status page shows any active enforcement against your app, such as rejection, removal, or suspension from Google Play. It also provides any available additional information that’s available, so you can address the issues that were found to violate our policies.

Policy status in the Google Play Console

App content

The App content page is where you provide and manage the information we need to ensure that your app is safe for its intended users, is compliant with Google Play Policies, and satisfies legal requirements.

You can use the App content page to:

  • Add your privacy policy to share how you treat sensitive user and device data.

  • Declare whether or not your app contains ads.

  • Provide and manage instructions on how to access restricted parts of your app.

  • Provide details about your app's target audience and content.

  • Describe how you intend to use any high-risk or sensitive permissions such as SMS / Call Log permissions.

Academy for App Success

Getting started with Google Play policies

Whether it's a way to track workouts, chart the nighttime stars, or build a new reality and battle for world domination, Google Play gives developers a platform to create engaging apps and games and build successful businesses. Key to that mission is maintaining the safety and integrity of Google Play as a trusted source of high quality apps for users to find and experience apps and games to enjoy. To support this effort and keep an even playing field for developers, Google Play has policies in place about what is and isn’t allowed on Google Play.