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Accelerate your user growth with our reporting and optimization tools, including unique market insights exclusive to Google Play, in the Grow section of the new Google Play Console.

What’s new?

  • View key statistics and trends on the Acquisition analysis page

  • Dive into the details on the Store listing conversion analysis page

  • Monitor change over time with timeline view

  • Simplified store listing page

  • New store settings page

  • Localize your app experience with new translation services

You can try out the new Google Play Console at

Acquisition analysis

Designed to help you understand how users find and install your app by monitoring user acquisition trends, with the new Acquisition analysis page you can view acquisitions across a range of sources and dimensions to help you identify areas for improvement. Use acquisition analysis to:

  • View key statistics and trends

  • See how marketing investments and changes to your store listing impact your impressions, conversions, and acquisitions over time with the new timeline view.

  • View both new and returning acquisitions and filter data by country, language, store listing, search term, and UTM tag

  • Coming soon: See how your conversion rate compares with other apps on Google Play to identify areas for improvement

Example Acquisition analysis report on the Google Play Console

Store presence

Make a great first impression and help users find and engage with your app through your store listing. From your store listing, edit information like your app’s name, icon, description, screenshots, and video to increase discoverability and drive downloads. Use store listing experiments to help increase installs and retention, and manage your Google Play Store presence from store settings.

What’s new?

  •  We’ve streamlined the store listing page to focus on presenting how your app looks to users on Google Play; country availability has been moved to release, and privacy policies have been moved to app content.
  • The new Store settings page lets you control how your app is organized on Google Play, how users can contact you, and external marketing.
  • Localize your app experience for users around the world by translating your app's store listing page, app strings, and in-app products with Translation services.